How the fuck did you find this place?


I picked up some new vinyl last week and I finally got around to having a listen. First up was TOMPABEATS - HARBOR LP. A great warm up for what was to come. Silky smooth beats toppped with warm melodies that melted like butter. Such care taken with every sample. It was great for winding down and zoning out.

Next up was a random Moody Blues compliation record that I honestly picked up for "Nights in White Satan". It was one of the last tracks on side 4 so I fucked around discourteously started mid point side 4. Now, on a side note to my Moody Blues exposure, a random day back I was browsing through records at a Goodwill. A few shelves littered with random records. I was on a needle in a haystack, diamond in the rough kind of hunt. I noticed some records with some trippy ass covers and started going through a few, just reading the backs and trying to judge some books by their covers. They say you shouldn't but we all do. Then I hear a guys voice say, "Moody Blues is shit man. I could never get into them." I didn't reply. I just nodded and continued the judgement. He went on and let me know that nothing there was good at the Goodwill. Well, he was right for the most part and I put back the Moody Blues and went on my way.

Now a few years later I buy my first Moody Blues record and I fucking loved the little bit that I listened to. "Melancholy Man" really struck a nerve and "Nights in White Satan" is perfection. Long story short, fuck that guy.

I ended the session with Miles Davis - A Tribute to Jack Johnson. Musicians don't get better than this. I had to listen to this record a few times. I'll probably play it again later today.

This is my fish tank. There are many like it, but this one is mine... And I've been neglecting the shit out of this fish tank for about 3 years. I decided to put some love into it. The fish seem happy and the new ones are schooling with the old. But it still feels like something is missing...